Are We a Fit?

Are We a Fit?



Take a quick quiz to see if Great Minds Learning Community might be a good fit for your child/family!

Answer “Yes” or “No” to each question, then count how many “Yes” answers you have.

◆ Do you want a school tailored to meet the needs of your gifted child or twice-exceptional child?


◆ Do you want a learning environment that understands, adjusts for, and celebrates Dabrowski’s “overexcitabilities” that gifted and 2e learners experience (e.g. expressed as increased intensity, hypersensitivity, etc.)? To learn more about overexcitabilities, visit:


◆ Do you want a personalized, learning path for your child, with learning material fit to the learner instead of trying to fit the learner to the material?


◆ Do you want a part-time educational alternative so that you can get the best of both worlds — homeschooling and private school?


◆ Do you want your child to be celebrated for his or her unique gifts and personality?


◆ Do you want your child to experience the benefits of being with a long-term community of guides and peers who support and inspire her?


◆ Do you want a learning environment that helps your child to develop in multiple areas — academically, socially, and emotionally?


◆ Do you want a school that understands asynchronous development and does not expect your child to perform equally well in all areas?


◆ Do you want academics included, not just “enrichment” classes?


◆ Does your child seek relevant, meaningful, hands-on projects?


◆ Do you want learning to be student-driven?


◆ Does your child prefer to “do-their-own-thing” rather than be boxed in by a teacher-driven activity or unit?


◆ Do you want a small school that encourages personal interaction?


◆ Do you want to get off of the treadmill of standardized testing, grades, and rote memorization?


◆ Do you want your child to develop and deepen his or her qualities of innovation, flexibility, resilience, creativity, and critical thinking?


◆ Do you want learning material that allows the student to move as quickly or as slowly as needed?


◆ Do you want Socratic discussions?


◆ Do you want an innovative, non-traditional learning experience for your child?


◆ Do you want school/life balance that works for your family?


◆ Do you want a place where your child can make and deepen friendships with like-minded children of varying ages?


◆ Do you want a mix of individual learning time and group project time?


◆ Do you want a welcoming, nurturing learning community, a tribe of like-minded families to provide mutual support, fun, and friendship to your child and your family?


◆ Do you want a flexible school schedule that allows ample breaks throughout the year for travel and school/life balance?


If you answered “Yes” to 5 or more of the questions above, we feel that Great Minds might be an excellent fit for your child and your family!


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